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New  Era of Style, LLC

"Fashion With Purpose"

New Era of Style is an online boutique that caters to modern-day working professionals. We understand the importance of our customers “getting it all done” when it comes to juggling the responsibilities of their professional, social, and personal lives. Our boutique offers an exclusive selection of high-quality clothing, accessories, and everyday essentials that aims to make balancing the demands of life a little easier. 


When it comes to our clothing and accessories, we offer a selection of timeless, yet versatile pieces. Busy schedules don’t allow time for wardrobe changes having items that can transition with your day is important. All of our selections are suitable for any occasion and can be styled in a variety of ways. When you purchase items from New Era of Style it’s an investment. You can expect your pieces to last a long time.


Our essentials collection is comprised of everyday necessities customers will find useful for social settings, personal use, managing daily tasks, and maximizing productivity. Overall, New Era of Style takes satisfaction in providing our customers with a unique selection of products and a gratifying shopping experience.


With New Era of Style, LLC you “FASHION ON PURPOSE.” Aside from retail, we take pride in pouring into our customers and the community. We emphasize philanthropy and education. Throughout the year we find ways to give back through various community service projects as well as work with different non-profit organizations. 

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